Just because I can’t loosen my Mind

What became of me was exactly what I deserved. No one thought I could break through the walls of hope without actually fracturing a bone, but you know what, I did fracture a bone or two.

Life will fly beyond you and I and yet, leave us walking long with her entire luggage,

damn you earth, what happened to carrying your own load?

Whatever happened to my sanity, freedom and all that seemed like promises, all which I was asked not to look out for.

This is a written version of my Rant Unscripted and that’s why I feel like I am very much allowed to confuse you and still be relentlessly correct.

Loving was going to be the hardest thing after the shots that threw me off the mountain cliff, but, until I remembered my mother’s love, I survived over again.

Kindness was going to be my greatest tool for opposite frustration, until I realized I couldn’t do without it for the sake of my loved ones, until I realized kindness was a word dedicated to my last name.

Affection almost made it to the last pages of my intentions but, because I had this mirror too conscious to be broken by sudden mistake, I couldn’t help but leave that option refreshed, just so I can continue to hug myself every morning before I leave my home to face the world.

I won’t stop living because of some good deeds that went unnoticed, since my conscience is the one most responsible for my good deeds.